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CSCS Cards

CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is the leading competence card scheme for the UK Construction sector. Since it began in 1995 its objective has been and continues to be the improvement of standards and safety on construction sites across the UK.

CSCS is recognised and endorsed by The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) which forms a bridge between industry and government to improve a number of areas including skills levels within the building sector.

Possession of the right CSCS card provides proof that the individual working on a construction site has the required training and qualification for the construction work that they carry out on site.

CSCS continually appraise the operation of their card scheme to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and continues to meets its objectives. One recent development is the withdrawal of the site visitor card for those individuals carrying out a non-construction related activity on site.

CASL has a close working relationship with CSCS that ensures CASL assessors and staff keep up to date with CSCS developments.

CASL assessors offer the learner a ‘go to’ service in applying for a CSCS card and useful information concerning the application process can be found on the CSCS website.

We promise, as part of the CASL service, to ensure that each learner has the relevant advice and assistance to obtain the correct CSCS card on registering and completing a vocational qualification with us.

Our vocational qualifications cover Construction Supervisory and Management areas and the CSCS website gives the learner a useful overview of the different CSCS cards available.

The Supervisory CSCS card (Gold card) is eligible for Level 4 NVQ learners and the Management CSCS card (Black card) is issued to Level 6 and Level 7 NVQ learners.

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