Level 7 NVQ Diploma

Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Construction Senior Management

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    Assessment Centre Address: Singleton Court Business Park, Wonastow Road, Monmouth NP25 5JA

  • Candidates must complete all units in group A and then select a minimum of six optional units from two of the three optional groups B1, B2 and B3 to achieve a minimum total of 144 credits.

    Please note, Units 16, 17 and 18 must be taken together as a single unit (29 credits).

  • A Mandatory Units Optional Units
    B1 Project Development B2 Procurement, Contract & Budgets B3 Project Control
    1 Manage teams in construction (16) 5 Prepare and agree a project brief and development programme in construction (24) 10 Establish project procurement arrangements in construction management (18) 16  Manage project risks and opportunities in construction (9)
    2 Lead and participate in meetings in construction management (12) 6 Manage design development and processes in construction (22) 11 Implement strategic sourcing partnerships in construction management (17) 17  Management project processes in construction (12)
    3 Provide ethical advice, judgement and service in construction management (20) 7 Assess and evaluate the environmental impact of developments in construction management (20) 12 Manage procurement processes in construction management (17) 18  Manage project evaluation and feedback in construction (8)
    4 Develop self and others in construction management (11) 8 Evaluate sustainable resources and requirements in construction management (17) 13  Prepare and submit estimates, bids and tenders in construction management (14) 19 Control project outcomes in construction (17)
      9 Manage marketing and customer service in construction organisations (13) 14 Ensure that contracts are prepared, negotiated and concluded in construction management (18) 20 Evaluate and progress the resolution of disputes in construction management (18)
        15 Control organisational and project income and expenditure in construction management (11) 21 Manage project completion in construction (13)