CASL Group is a leading provider of Construction Management NVQ Diplomas

Construction Supervision and Management NVQs are work-related, competence based qualifications that reflect the knowledge and skills to do a specific job and correspond directly to academic equivalents.

NVQs offer flexible training with no age limits or special entry requirements and no need to leave the work place. They are achieved through assessment by a qualified assessor.

Pearson is the leading accredited awarding body in the UK for NVQs and CASL has been a Pearson approved assessment centre for Construction Supervision and Management NVQs at Levels 3, 4, 6 and 7 since 2002.

CASL assessors work with UK-based and overseas learners.

As part of the NVQ assessment process, CASL help learners gain membership of industry professional bodies and the right CSCS card.

Our NVQs

CASL assesses a wide range of Construction Supervision and Management NVQs at Levels 3 through to Level 7. Our NVQs are suitable for individuals who already have site construction and building skills as well as those starting out in the industry.

Our assessors work with the individual to determine the NVQ that is right for them based on their work experience.

Professional Membership

CASL provides full support in helping learners gain professional membership of the prominent construction industry professional bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

This service is part of the assessment fee and is provided at no additional cost to the learner.

Membership of industry professional bodies bring benefits such as boosting individual career and salary prospects through internationally recognised qualifications.

Each individual will have specific work experiences and vocational qualifications and CASL provide a “go to” service as each learner considers application for membership of their respective industry professional body.

CSCS Cards

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) awards CSCS cards to reflect the competency level of the construction worker and the CSCS card awarded reflects the NVQ Diploma course that the learner enrols onto/achieves.

CASL supports each learner in gaining the correct CSCS card upon registration or completion of their construction vocational qualification. This service is provided at no additional cost to the learner.

At the current time, a Gold CSCS card is issued for a Level 4 NVQ Construction Diploma qualification and a Black CSCS card for a Level 6 or Level 7 Construction Diploma qualification.

Periodically the CSCS scheme is reappraised to ensure it remains fit for purpose and CASL assessors will advise learners as to the correct CSCS cards to reflect any resulting changes.

Latest News

Lee Thomas, NVQ Level 7 completed February 2019

The positive feedback I have given is based on my true experiences during the duration of the course. This is a challenging course but very worthwhile with Lance, Vanessa and the wider team were helpful and responsive to all questions which were essential in helping me achieve my qualification.

Natalie Pyatt, NVQ Level 3 completed July 2018

Thanks everyone for your help and support I received whilst working towards my NVQ

Sam Carter, NVQ Level 7 completed January 2018

Excellent service from all members of CASL staff. Extremely helpful in all aspects of this process.

Paul Smith, NVQ Level 7 completed March 2018

I have been totally satisfied with the instruction and advice given by both Lance and Vanessa at CASL. They have assisted me through a learning process I did not always find easy whilst fulfilling a demanding job and at age 56 going back to ‘school’ was never going to be easy. Many thanks to them.

Jason Vince, NVQ Level 7 completed January 2019

A fantastic service from everybody, John, Vanessa and Lance  have been great and most helpful. I would and will recommend CASL in the future

Brian Shipp, NVQ Level 6 completed May 2018

I was more than happy with the whole process in achieving my NVQ. I was very pleased with the support and understanding I received due to personal circumstances, limiting the time I could give to my NVQ

Jake Evans, NVQ Level 4 completed July 2018

Very friendly staff, gave amazing support and help when needed. Inductions were made clear of what is needed to be done, the praise after finishing the NVQ was really nice.

Adam Payne, NVQ Level 7 completed October 2018

Vanessa/Lance were excellent in giving me feedback & offering advise & guidance throughout the whole of the process. Made it very easy to pick up the phone or send an email with queries with a quick response back.

Nick Kellie, NVQ Level 7 completed December 2018

Had a great experience, and hopefully looking to progress this to the next level as my career progresses.

Curtis Jackson, NVQ Level 6 completed April 2018

Everything about the experience with CASL has been great.

Dan Hampson, NVQ Level 7 completed December 2018

Lance and his team where always on hand to provide invaluable assistance when required. I would highly recommend CASL services.

Craig Archard, NVQ Level 3 completed July 2018

Very good experience doing my NVQ with CASL. Great advice and quick feedback which meant I could complete the NVQ in short period of time


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